It’s been a long time…

Since we posted on our blog, I think we should try and get it going again!

So, you’re probably wondering when were going to be releasing some new material? WELL, finally some progress.. if all goes well we will be moving in to our new studio next week and that will be the start of the album! We’re going to be working on a follow-up single (which has already been decided!) and also work on a load of underground collabs to throw out to you guys. It’s taken a while to sort all this out so it’s a huge breathe of fresh-air to finally get moved in. Expect lots of material from us once we have settled down!

We have also set-up our own record label Max Records, which can be found on facebook at – If you want to play us some of your tunes, or think we may be interested in your material.. post it up on the page for us to listen!

Our online store is finally open, we will be trying to ship all of the items to you as soon as we possibly can but please do try and bare with us as we are sending every order out ourselves.. we don’t get any help!! We will be adding a whole new collection of t-shirt designs to the store in the weeks to come, here are some previews of the designs..

Let us know what you think of the designs in the comments!

As a last note, i’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped us get through to the top 40 with Feel Good. It really wasn’t easy without a record labels support so we owe our fans big time! It’s rare that you will see artists doing as much as we have done and we hope that all of our fans AND our haters understand and appreciate how much work we put into Modestep. It’s not just about making music for us, we do ALL the online promotion and design, we shoot, edit and grade our own music videos, approve all of our own bookings and gigs, design our t-shirts, websites, online stores AND still try and find time to communicate with you guys!

Thanks again for buying the track and we hope we have gained some true modesteppers on the way!

Much love to you all,

Josh Modestep


Bournemouth we love you! Saturday night’s show was amazing, we will be back soon for sure!

Who the fuck are Modestep anyway? Episode 001: Tony Terror

We thought it would be a nice idea for you guys to know a little bit about where we have come from and what has influenced us to make the noises we do. First up, we have the man behind the turntables, Tony Terror. If you have any questions for Tony Terror feel free to add them in the comment box below and we will add them to the interview! We’l interview one of us a week, so keep your ears peeled for the following editions of ‘Who the fuck are Modestep anyway?’

Without wasting any more time….

What do you do?

I am a DJ, Producer and live musician for Modestep.

Play any instruments?

I play guitar live for Modestep in a few of our tracks, also dabble with synth and used to eff about on the drums a bit.

Musical influences?

I like all kinds of music to be honest, my favourite kind is 60’s/70’s soul/disco which you can probably hear influences of in some of our tracks. Artists that have influenced me are too many to mention really but a few I can think of off the top of my head are, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers, Chic, Evelyn Champagne King, Betty Wright, Earth Wind & Fire, Daft Punk, Todd Edwards the list goes on…

Favourite album of all time?

Bad – Michael Jackson

Favourite song of all-time?

Its impossible to name one, pretty much the majority of Michael Jackson’s music.

What were you doing before Modestep?

Amongst many shitty jobs, I trained to be a tattooist for a couple of years, but directly before Modestep started getting serious, I was studying sound design at university.

How did you first get involved with music?

I got my first decks when I was 13, and have been DJing ever since. I also started producing garage and hip-hop shortly after that.

Any other genres you produce?

I still enjoy producing hip-hop, of which I mainly enjoy sample based production. I have been sampling for many years and Todd Edwards is one of my biggest influences. There is nothing more exciting to me than going through old soul, gospel and disco records and re-using those beautiful analogue recorded sounds we don’t get to hear anymore.

How did you meet the band?

Well Josh is my brother and Matt was his housemate at the time. After seeing Matt behind the kit for the first time, I knew he had to become a member of Modestep. I met Oz at Reading festival a couple of years ago and remember the very first words he said to me were “I just got with a 16 year old”. Immediately I thought “wasteman”, and he has lived up to that every day since.

Where do you see dubstep in 5 years time?

Hopefully taken over the world, with Modestep at the top of it!

Favourite dubstep track of the moment?

Skrillex – Scary Monsters

What are you scared of?

Pregnant women. Thats not even a lie, they actually make me want to die.

What do you use to produce?

Logic 9 with a shit-load of plugins and au’s. I guess everyone wants to know what we use for our bass sounds as it seems to be the thing I get asked most about. Well, we usually use either Blue by Rob Papen or Massive. But don’t think we just leave it at that. We have been known to layer sounds over our bass sounds to filth them up a bit including, lion’s rawing, dogs barking, pigs squeeling and even me and josh making grotesque noises down the mic!

Where did the mask come from?

One day in the studio, me and Josh created a bass sound that was SO revolting it actually melted my face off, hence why I wear a mask whenever I DJ.

Can I have a mask?

Yes. If you put one of our Modestep stickers somewhere AMAZING and take a photo of it, I will make you a mask, and sign it for you along with the other guys. But we are talking properly amazing. Any one of the 7 wonders of the world will get you a mask!

How would you describe the style of dubstep you DJ?


Vinyl or CDJ’s?

I grew up using 1210’s and DJ’d on them for many years. I have only been DJing on CDJs for a few months, but I am already starting to prefer them. They are more reliable, quicker to use and don’t require me to bring a massive box of vinyl around with me to clubs, which I used to hate doing. Although I do prefer scratching on vinyl.

Tips for a young DJ?

Practice every fucking day for hours.

Why do you always hurt Oz?

Because he’s an absolute wastecadet.

Why are Modestep any different from any other dubstep act?

Because we are a full live band. Nobody else does a live show like we do. Live drums, guitars, synths, pianos, vocals, percussion, DJing and visuals. And we write catchy melodic filth with hooks. Our style wouldn’t sound out of place on Radio 1, Rinse FM or Capital. We appeal to everyone, and we write what we love. We have never made records for anybody except us. We love what we do and will never change it.

Where are my stickers?

If you have sent us your details, chances are they are on the way to you right now. Be patient though, there are hundreds of people for them to go to, you will get them soon.

On a scale of one to murder how much do you hate Oz’s fucking stupid cretin testicle muggy cunt face?